Tuesday, December 16, 2008


How would you look for a family law attorney if you needed one and didn't have any friends to refer? What search engine would you use? What words would you search for? What sort of results would you click on? Please share... :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Consultation advice - divorce...

You've set an appointment to meet with an attorney on a dissolution of marriage action (divorce). What do you take with you (to make the most of the consultation)?
The basic info (names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, social security numbers) of all parties involved, including children. Date of marriage and date of separation.
Income information for both parties (in Washington, if there are children, you need six months of pay stubs and two years of tax returns for your own income at least).
A list (or at least a general idea of what exists) of property, debts, and how you want to divide them. This will include retirement accounts, bank accounts, vehicles, real estate, household property, car debt, mortgages, lines of credit, credit cards, loans from family, etc.)
Be honest with the attorney. If there are facts that do not seem helpful to you, let the attorney know in the consultation so that information can be considered when giving you the advice that you seek.
An idea of what you want to accomplish. Do you want to hire an attorney? Do you want to meet and greet the attorney to see if the attorney is a good match for you and your case? Do you just have some questions that you want answered, without hiring an attorney at this time?
Attorneys tend to ramble on. If the consultation is going a different direction then you want it to go, just tell the attorney what exactly you need.
None of the above is necessary, but it will get the most out of the consultation.
Keep in mind that no attorney can promise you any given outcome. It is always up to the court, or up to you and your spouse, in the end.
Have happy consultations!

Out on my own...

Well, after practicing over three years with another attorney, I have opened up my very own law practice. I've chosen to continue only handling family law matters, so that I can concentrate on that law and be the best that I can in that area. This may not be the best choice as far as finding new clients, especially this time of year. Who wants to divorce during the holidays? I have a website. I have Google ads. I have referrals (and thank you so much to clients who choose to entrust their friends and family to my care!). But, it just isn't enough yet.

It is amazing how much it costs to run a law firm. It's terrible how much people have to pay for an attorney, but now that I'm on my own, I see why. The overhead is ridiculous. So, poor clients, poor attorneys... nobody really wins in this situation (except of course those lucky enough to be reasonable and have reasonable opposing parties, and can work it out without too much court action... but I'm still not sure that's a win - perhaps just a "non-loss").

Okay. I've rambled on enough... Have happy holidays and I hope your family relations are loving (or at the very least amicable) - even if that means I starve to death due to lack of work. :)